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Very Stable Genius

by Bryan McAllister

"Very Stable Genius is a project I started working on in January of 2018, around the time of the anniversary of Donald Trump's inauguration. It seemed crazy that a year had passed and that this ridiculous and criminal administration had remained in power, despite unbelievable and embarrassing antics from the "Very Stable Genius" himself. I set out to write some music that attempted to embody the ego behind such boastful tweets as "My Fingers Are Long And Beautiful" and "My IQ Is One Of The Highest. Sorry, Losers and Haters." As I began to write, no matter how far I went into the comedic and absurd, I found myself always winding up in a serious and solemn place. I found that although jokes and mockery can provide a temporary respite, the destruction and pain behind this man's rude, unethical, and apathetic policies and behaviors cannot be ignored. This music teeters on the edge - relishing in the comedy of absurd (and unchecked) egomania, while simultaneously holding vigil for its victims." 
–Bryan McAllister