"Very Stable Genius" Album out March 1st on Orenda Records! / by Bryan McAllister

I’m very excited to release “Very Stable Genius” on Orenda Records this Friday, March 1st. The album came from a place of really mixed emotions about how to react to what is going on in this country. Trump is such a laughable figure. He lies, he says very stupid things, he is driven by ego but has nothing to back it up, and thus many of the things that he does are comically stupid, and embarrassing for our country. Jokes aside, of course in reality none of this is remotely laughable. People are dying, suffering, having rights taken away, family members taken away, and that is not remotely acceptable.

I knew I didn’t want to stay silent. I knew I had to try to capture this feeling in this moment. The feeling that many of us have where we sometimes want to laugh through the tears. I also felt that although I’m sure Trump will never even know that my album exists, he cannot stand being made fun of, so if I were to speak seriously about the damage he is doing to the United States and the world it would be fun to do it in a way that Trump cannot stand.

The music of “Very Stable Genius” is conflicted. There are moments of parody and comedy, and there are moments of sadness, exploring the hurt of so many people in the face of this hate that has found representation and a voice in the White House. I believe it is the truest response I can give to these first two years of the Trump presidency, and I hope it can resonate with others.